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Natural stone siding, manufactured stone veneer (also known as simulated, cultured, or architectural stone siding), Stone Panel wall siding – it doesn’t matter what you call it: Natural stone is inherently a great choice for your siding project.  It is durable, low maintenance, and has lasting visual appeal. Natural stone has always been an earth-friendly product.

Whether you are a home owner, construction company, landscape architect, or landscape designer, we have the best solution for your stone siding veneer needs. The Rock Shoppe carries a huge selection of high quality natural stone veneers and natural rock siding. Our decorative and protective stone siding veneers are well suited for either interior or exterior installation.  We offer a large selection of siding colors and siding textures to provide you plenty of options for your final design.

Today’s selection of natural stone offers limitless design versatility with durability not found in other building materials. It can be used on the exterior of your home or business. It can be used on retaining walls, interior walls, in kitchens, around fireplaces, and also in patios and outdoor living areas.

Stop by the Rock Shoppe soon to check out all of our stone veneer siding! We appreciate your business!


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