This guide will help you figure out the square footage of your area so you can figure out how much product you will need for proper coverage. When trying to fill an area with rocks or mulch you first need to find the square footage of the area. The shape of the area will determine the square footage.

The simpliest shape to find the area of is a square or rectangle. To find the square footage of a rectangle you simply need to measure the length and width of the rectangle. First, you need to measure your area, let’s say, for example, your side lengths are 5 feet x 10 feet. The next step is to simply multiply the numbers together to get your square footage. In this example the total square footage would be 50 square feet.

If your shape is a square you find your square footage the exact same as a rectangle. You measure 2 sides (in a square they will be the same length) then multiply the numbers together. So if the square was 5 feet x 5 feet, my total square footage would be 25 square feet.

If the area you are trying to fill is close to or exactly a circle you need a different equation to find area. With circles you need to start by measuring the radius of the circle. The radius of a circle if half the distance across the center of the circle. Once you know the radius of the circle you can find the area. Area of a circle = π x (r^2). This may seem complicated at first glance, but it is simple. Start by taking your radius and multiplying it by itself. For example if your radius was 5 feet, do 5 feet x 5 feet = 25 square feet. Then multiply your radius squared number by π (pi). Most calculators have a π button, but if not simply multiply by 3.141. For this example we would do 25sqft x π = 78.5 so we would round up to 79 square feet.

If you have a circular flower bed, that surrounds a tree and is ring shaped, simply find the area of the outer circle using the formula for circles. Then find the area of the inner circle (under the tree). Once you have those numbers take the larger number (area of outer circle) and subtract the smaller number (inner circle area) from it. This will give you the area of a ring shape (circle with hole in middle).

If you have multiple flowerbeds like our example and need total coverage you simply add all of your areas together to find the total square footage of the areas you need to cover. For our example, we would do 50 + 25 + 79 = 154 square feet.

When measuring flower beds don’t worry about any flowers, bushes or any plants in the beds. Do not subtract any area for any plants, bushes, flowers etc. When measuring length and width of a rectangle or square use the outside edges of the beds to measure your area.

Once you have your total area you’re ready to call the Rock Shoppe to figure how much product you need! Depending on the product you want will affect how much you need to cover your desired area. We have a huge variety of mulch, aggregates and decorative stone to make your area look amazing.

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