Why are rain gardens important?  As cities and suburbs grow and replace forests and agricultural land, increased stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces(roof of your house or garage, pavements- driveway, sidewalks), your lawn, or areas with poorly drained soil becomes a problem.  By redirecting the stormwater runoff into a rain garden, you will be able to help change these trends.  While an individual rain garden may seem like a small thing, they help the environment in several ways.
  • Increasing the amount of water that filters into the ground, which recharges local and regional aquifers;
  • Helping protect streams and lakes from pollutants carried by urban stormwater – lawn fertilizers and pesticides, oil and other fluids that leak from cars, and numerous harmful substances that wash off roofs and paved areas;
  • Providing valuable habitat for birds, butterflies and many beneficial insects.
  • Photo by “Rain Dog Designs, Gig Harbor, WA”