Now is the time to start closing down fountains!

  1. Drain water out of the entire unit before the first freeze.
  2. Disassemble the unit if possible.  Larger units may have to stay standing, however take any small pieces & bring them inside home, basement or garage.
  3. Clean out the pump, remove any leaves or debris that may have collected on or around pump.  Remove pump if possible.  If you can not remove pump, place pump in a shallow dish of R.V. antifreeze.  Also, pour a bit down the main tube of fountain.  (This should be caught by a shallow dish.)
  4. If there are any areas that hold water i.e. (bowls, or ledges), place dry hay in those areas, to the normal water level of fountain.  This will work two folds – one to make sure moisture is wicked away from unit, and two to make sure the tarp does not create areas that collect water.  You may use carpeting or old towels instead of hay, though the hay works best.
  5. Cover the entire unit with a custom fountain cover or a tarp.  Make sure the cover is securely fastened down.  This will assure the fountain will shed water and not allow it to hold pockets of water.
  6. After you cover your fountain, you might be inspired to decorate it, go with it, take it to another level and be creative.
  7. This is free information no guarantees are implied.