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Mulch and Soil

We’ve Got Your Fill of Mulch, Soil, and Sands in Plymouth, MI

Mulch of Rock Shoppe in Plymouth, MI


An essential for your flowerbeds, garden, or anywhere trees, shrubs, bushes, and more grown from the ground, mulch acts as a preventative barrier to help block weeds, grass, and any other unwanted growth. Rock Shoppe is SE Michigan’s premier mulch supplier offering an enormous selection, including shredded cedar, dyed mulch in an array of colors, hardwood chips, playground fines, and more. Take a look at our mulch gallery by clicking on the button below to get a better understanding of all that we have to offer.

Soil of Rock Shoppe in Plymouth, MI


We have a variety of soils from your most basic topsoil to a blend of compost that is perfect for using in your garden and flower beds, and everything in between. If you have no idea how much soil you will need to adequately fill or cover your space, one of our associates will always be here to help. We also offer soil delivery, so you don’t have to worry about getting your landscaping materials to your home. For more information about our soils or our delivery service, please contact us today!

Sand of Rock Shoppe in Plymouth, MI


No matter what you need sand for, we have the perfect type to fill your needs. As the foundation for many landscaping projects, including paving and laying bricks, sand is an important material for you to include in your shopping list at Rock Shoppe. Our inventory of sand types includes fill sand, mason sand, slag sand, dune sand, and more! For a complete list and photos of each type, visit our sand gallery by clicking below. Don’t forget that Rock Shoppe offers delivery services for all of our products!

Fabric, Edging, and Sealants of Rock Shoppe in Plymouth, MI

Fabric, Edging, and Sealants

If we haven’t made it clear yet, Rock Shoppe has everything you need to transform your yard into a beautiful landscape. Here, you’ll find products you need in the beginning of your project such as landscaping fabric that allows water to still reach your soil without allowing unwanted plant growth and keeps rocks, gravel, and mulch from sinking into the earth. We also have products that serve as the cherry on top like edging for your flowerbeds, pathways, driveways, and more to help contain any loose landscaping materials and provide a clean finished look to your yard. We advertise ourselves as the one-stop-shop for all things landscaping because you’ll also find products such as pond chemicals and sealants on our shelves. Stop in and see us at our location in Plymouth, MI today to explore all that Rock Shoppe has to offer!