Terms and Conditions

Prices subject to change without notice

Due to variations in natural stone, Rock Shoppe requires that orders for natural stone products be placed in person. That’s how we ensure you receive exactly the stone you want – no surprises!

Palletized stone is packaged in a refundable wooden/wire pallet.  The weight of pallet is part of pricing per ton & will not be subtracted from total weight.

Stone is a natural product – some variances of color and texture happen.  Aggregates and decorative stones contain stone dust & is part of the pricing.

Bricks and blocks sometimes vary in color runs; we cannot match colors or blends.

A Driver’s License will be held in the front office for identification & check-out purposes, and to verify products & service received.


  • Sorry, because of the labor required to load & unload products, restocking charges are applied to approved returned items.
  • All returns are subject to approval & must have a receipt.
  • Restocking fee up to 50% of the original purchase price may be applied to returns that are approved.
  • No refunds after 30 days
  • All items must be returned in the condition in which they were purchased
  • Bricks – $15 charge for each less than full pallet purchase, each size and color of brick.
  • Brick returns must be in full sections or bundles and subject to approval. Loose or miscellaneous pieces will not be taken back
  • 7 day waiting period for checks prior to refund
  • The Rock Shoppe will pick up extra materials at job site for an additional charge
  • Rock Shoppe reserves the right to refuse any returns without authorization and proper documentation.
  • Installation or an attempt to install products constitutes your acceptance of the products as is and then is not returnable
  • All items are subject to a 50% restocking charge at the discretion of the Rock Shoppe.

The following are Non-Returnable:

  • All natural stone products; including Boulders, Aggregates, Decorative stones, Flagstones, Wall stones, etc.
  • Mulches
  • Brick Pavers
  • Circle Bundles
  • Special Ordered Items
  • Discounted or Sale Items
  • Non-Stocked items
  • Shipping / Handling charges

Invoice Policies:

A $40.00 fee is charged for each check returned NSF.  Customer agrees to pay all costs, including reasonable legal fees, incurred by Rock Shoppe related to its past due accounts.

Rock Shoppe retains a security interest in all goods sold pursuant to this invoice until full payment is made and processing completed.  Purchaser agrees to sign all documents necessary to perfect the secured interest.  Further, by signing below, the signatory does PERSONALLY GUARANTEE PAYMENT TO ROCK SHOPPE for all amounts due on this invoice.  1 1/2% per month, 18% ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE, service charge on accounts over 30 days old.  In the event that legal action must be taken to collect the amount herein, purchaser agrees to pay attorney fees, court costs and all other expenses that may be involved.   In the event this amount  is collected thru a collection agency, purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs. Customer agrees to pay via the attached credit card and agrees to perform the obligations set forth in the cardholder’s agreement with the issuer. Customer has read the clause herein and understands completely.  Disclaimer:  Customer agrees to these terms published when they place a completed order with Rock Shoppe and customer authorizes their credit card company to abide by these terms.


Safety First!

  • The Rock Shoppe is a very busy environment with a lot of heavy equipment and obstacles.
  • Children must remain with an adult at all times.
  • No Climbing on Piles. Proper shoes should be worn
  • No Running.

Customers are responsible for protecting their own vehicle from stone chips, etc. and tarping of loaded material.

Rock Shoppe is not responsible for any damage to vehicle while loading or unloading. Customer is to remain in vehicle while being loaded.

We are not responsible for loss or shortage of items paid for and not picked up within 60 days from time Rock Shoppe receives product (Including special orders).

Purchaser agrees that the sole and exclusive remedy against Rock Shoppe is for the repair or replacement of nonconforming merchandise or return of the purchase price less the restocking fee.


We will gladly “guess estimate” how much product is needed for your job at no charge.  Because of many variables on all job sites, we cannot be held responsible for shortages or overages of products based on our “guess estimate”. It is the customer’s responsibility to look over the “guess estimate” and invoices to verify for accuracy and completeness


Local deliveries start at $50.00. Forklift Deliveries start at $120.00

Extra charges for less than 4 tons/yards for delivery.

Because of labor required to load and unload products many items are not returnable.  All returns are subject to approval and must have receipt.

We are not responsible for any cracks to sidewalks or drives. Dump trucks should not leave driveway.

We cannot dump or place products in street.

If for any reason driver cannot dump or place products where customer requests, the products will be delivered at driver’s discretion, delivery charges and unit pricing will apply.

We cannot guarantee times for delivery.  Incidental or consequential damages for lost profits, sales, labor, injury to person or property or other incidental or consequential damages against Rock Shoppe, its agents or employees, are prohibited.

Delivery times are estimated and subject to change. We’re dedicated to doing our best to get your material delivered in a timely and professional manner. However, we cannot control delays due to weather, traffic and other circumstances that may arise.

All damage issues must be reported to the driver at the time of delivery or within 24 hours if product was concealed within a box/pallet.  If you accept the merchandise in good condition, and sign as such, then you become responsible for all damage claims.  No claims for shortage’s or defective goods will be recognized unless same is noted in writing on this delivery receipt.

Driving over curbs, sidewalks, driveways and lawns is at owner’s risk.  Not responsible beyond road.  It is the customer’s and/or property owner’s responsibility to provide a suitable roadway to dumping point.  Failure to do so will result in additional costs for recovery of truck, damage and downtime charges.

Provide a sketch showing where your order is to be placed, taking into consideration the items purchased.  Also, show nearest cross streets and location of your property.  Every effort will be made to place your order where you desire.

There is a 1 yard/ton minimum for dump deliveries – one ton of palletized stone for flatbed trucks.


Customer is entitled to any manufacturer’s warranty.  Rock Shoppe disclaims all warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of products or fitness for a particular purpose.

We will instruct how to install any product we sell for free, no guarantee or warranty is implied.



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