Helpful Landscape Supply formulas and numbers!

  • 1 cubic yard (yd) = 27 cubic feet
  • 1 ton = 2000 lbs
  • 1 ton of aggregate is appx. 3/4 yd
  • Area of a rectangle = L x W
  • Area of a circle = 3.14 x R x R
  • Circle (Circumference) =  3.14 x D (edge to edge)
  • Area of a triangle = 1/2 B x H
  • Volume (cubic ft/yds) = Area x Depth
  • Divide area by the following numbers for coverages.
  • 324   for   1″    coverage
  • 162   for   2″    coverage
  • 108   for   3″   coverage
  • 81     for   4″    coverage
  • 54     for   6″    coverage
  • 27     for   12″  coverage



Sand, soil, gravel and a number of other loose soil particles that range in size, shape and color and may be used in the mixing of cement or for other uses within the landscape. 


Architectural fieldstone and flagstone that is cut in random-sized squares and rectangles used for walls, fireplaces, columns and to pave any surface. Available in 3- to 5-inch thickness or in premium 2- to 3- inch thickness.

Bricks & Cobbles

Belgium border blocks & cobbles are similar in shape to manufactured bricks but are larger in size. These natural flagstones are used for stack walls, fireplaces, columns, edging and borders.

Bulk Fieldstone

Mixtures of thin stack fieldstone, medium stack fieldstone, fieldstone veneer and cap fieldstone.

Dimensional-cut flagstone that has a natural surface on one or both sides to produce a high-grade flooring stone and that is available in standard 6-inch increments or custom sizes. Thickness ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches.

Concrete Pavers

Manufactured concrete products cut in multiple shapes, sizes and colors for landscape and home use. Commonly used in driveways, pathways or patios and may be used interlocking or spaced out, mortared or dry-set.

Crimson Stone

Marble- to quarter-size decorative gravel native to the Southeast. It has a distinct red and black mixed color and is used in paths, ponds, landscape beds and driveways and as a great alternative to lava rock.

Crushed Granite & Crushed Limestone

Limestone is one color – all gray.   Granite gravel is multi colored, lights and darks, pinks and grays; sometimes called natural.  Gravels are used for drainage, erosion control and driveways. Multiple sizes are available:

Limestone—medium-sized gravel from 1 to 3 inches

½” clean available in limestone and crushed granite—medium-sized gravel from ½ inch to ¾ inch

Decomposed—small-sized gravel from fine to 3/8 inch

Rip Rap—large-sized limestone gravel from 4 to 12 inches 

Cut Stepping Stones

Flagstone that is 2 to 4 inches thick and cut into squares or rectangles.  Often used as column or fireplace caps and as stepping stones and may be used in walkways and patios. Custom sizes may be ordered.

Cut Step Treads

Flagstone that is 3″ to 6″ thick and cut into rectangles suitable for steps. May also be used in fireplace and column caps. Usually have around an 18″ depth and 30″ or 48″ width.

Decomposed Granite

Multi-color, lights and dark, pinks and gray and made of very fine particles of granite. Good for use as bedding sand under pavers or stones, to fill in joints of dry-set patios, as pathways and to stabilize dry-set stone walls.


A durable sedimentary stone that forms in thin, smooth layers perfect for building patios, walkways, pool decks, stepping stones, steps, and walls caps for fireplaces and columns. Flagstone can be found in a variety of thickness from less than 1 inch to more than 2 inches and in a variety of colors.

Thin Flagstone—flagstone that is less than 1 inch thick

Standard Flagstone—flagstone that is 1 to 2 inches thick

Thick Flagstone—flagstone that is more than 2 inches thick


The most versatile stone in the industry, fieldstone, has been battered by the elements for hundreds of years to give it a unique, natural appearance. This easily shaped stone is often brown, tan or gray on the outside but colorful on the inside. Often used for stacked stone walls, borders, fireplaces, edging, columns and water features.

Thin Stack Fieldstone—flat fieldstone that has been sorted into small sizes ranging from 1 to 2 inches thick and 3 to 5 inches long.

Medium Stack Fieldstone—fieldstone that has been sorted into sizes approximately 2 to 4 inches thick and 5 to 7 inches long.

Thick Stack Fieldstone—fieldstone that has been sorted into sizes approximately 4 to 8  inches  thick and 6 inches or more long.

Extra Thick Stack Fieldstone—fieldstone that has been sorted into sizes approximately 5 inches or thicker and 12 to 18 inches long.

Long Stack Fieldstone—fieldstone that has been sorted into sizes approximately 3 to 8 inches thick and 7 to 24 inches long.

Garden Boulders

Natural stone that is 8 to 30 inches in diameter and provides an essential construction material for natural ponds and waterfalls. Also used for garden accents, edging, and boulder walls. 

Garden Path Gravel

A pea – to marble-size decorative gravel that has an angular shape that locks together with use to create solid paths and walkways.  Available with stone fines or clean.


All-encompassing term for landscape material and products that are not alive, including rocks, pavers, boulders, mulch, aggregates and water features.

Landscape Boulders

Rounded and smoothed natural stone in a variety of shapes and sizes from 50 pounds to one-man boulders (or one-ton boulders). Used to construct massive walls, water features, benches, accents or garden focal points.

Ledge Boulders

Large, flat irregular boulders that are 12″ (or more) thick and great for diving rocks in ponds and pools, bridges and large stepping stones.

Masonry Sand

Clean, white sand used for mixing mortar, topdressing lawns and filling sand boxes.


A ground covering that deters the growth of weeds, helps the soil and plants to retain moisture while preventing erosion, insulates plant roots and is aesthetically pleasing. Mulches come in a variety of forms from gravel to pine straw to bagged mulch which may be a variety of natural wood pieces and bark. 

Organic Planting Soil

Blended soil containing compost, topsoil, and mulch, sharp sand.

Pea Gravel

Decorative gravel native to the Southeast and good for use in paths, ponds, dry creek beds, landscape beds and driveways. Standard pea gravel is a pea – to marble-size.

Pennsylvania Blue Stone (Full Color)

This flagstone coloring is a highly prized architectural building material from Pennsylvania and New York which contains shades of earthy blues, greens, gray and bold lilacs.

Pond-less Waterfall

A waterfall system that has all the benefits of a flowing waterfall without a pond or standing pool of water.

Premium Stand-Up Stone

Large pieces of flagstone that are stood up vertically on the pallet. 

Retaining Wall

Constructed wall, often made from natural stone or manufactured concrete products, for decorative or structural use.

River Gravel

Decorative gravel native to the Southeast and used in paths, ponds, driveways, dry creek beds and landscape beds.  Available in limestone or granite.  1 ½ “ crushed to stone fines.

River Rock

Natural stone that has been reshaped, curved and smoothed by the sands of time. Found in streams and rivers and often used in dry creek beds and water features but may also be creatively used to veneer walls and fireplaces, and to create borders, edging and garden accents.

Egg Rock— 1 ½ – 2” a quarter to golf ball size

Oversized— 3” – 6” a golf ball to baseball size

Cobblestone – 4” – 8”

Rip Rap – limestone

Screened Top Soil

Rich, dark top soil used for filling low or bare spots, planting trees or shrubs, beds and installation of new lawns.


Large pieces of flagstone that are stacked horizontally on pallets.


Fieldstone that is irregular shaped and 3 to 8 inches thick and perfect for rustic, worn stepping stones. 

Tumbled Stack Stone

Smaller pieces of flagstone that have been tumbled to produce rounded edges and are often used in walls to give the project an established feel. Thickness ranges from 1 to 6 inches.

Veneer Stone

Natural fieldstone that is thin enough to cover or build a wall, columns, fireplace, foundations and water features.

Thin Veneer—fieldstone that is 8 to 18 inches in width and 2 to 4 inches thick

Medium Veneer—fieldstone that is 8 to 18 inches in width and 3 to 5 inches thick

Water Feature

Decorative landscape feature that incorporates water, may be as simple as a tabletop fountain or as intricate as a full eco-system pond



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