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How to cleanse your crystals & why you should

9 Ways to Cleanse a Crystal

1) New Moon/Full moon 

Crystals and moonlight go hand in hand. There’s just something about the goddess energy of a fat full moon and the deep breath of a brand-new moon too. The moon can cleanse crystals on a deep energetic level, and this has been a practice for centuries. Moonlight also helps your gems to soak up loving feminine energy. The full moon will bring an energy of release whereas a new moon offers an energy of growth.

Place your crystals on your windowsill just before going to bed and leave them there overnight. This gives ample time for your gem to soak up all that lush light. Even if you can’t do it for the whole night, a few hours will also work wonders. This method of cleansing is excellent for all stones, especially those that don’t fare well with water.

2) Eclipses

An eclipse can be an amazing energetic force and has all the same feels as turning a page in a new chapter. Whether it’s a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, this could be the perfect opportunity to recharge your crystals with whole new energy. Dramatic shifts can happen during this natural phenomenon. The lunar eclipse is closely connected to big internal shifts and changes, whereas the solar eclipse speaks of external shifts and fierce change to the makeup of your life. This is a great opportunity for those who are stuck in stagnant energy to stir things up.

Find out when the next solar or lunar eclipse is and leave your gems on a windowsill, balcony, or safe outside space where they can drink in all that luminous light. Make sure that your gems are OK with sunlight if you are opting for the solar eclipse charge. Direct sunlight can make certain gems fade and even those warm sun-colored stones shouldn’t be left in direct light too long. Clear Quartz is a good gem for both cleansing and charging practices.

3) Salt Water

As anyone who has ever taken a cleansing dip in the ocean will know, saltwater is an instant healer. Using saltwater to clean your crystals helps to soak up unwanted energy and kick out all shades of negativity. Saltwater is the perfect way of getting your gems into a gentle flow and harnessing that tidal power of trust and change. For those who are close to the ocean, you can collect a bowl of saltwater for your crystals but if landlocked, fear not – adding salt to water will also work.

Make sure that your crystals are submerged completely in the saltwater for a couple of hours or even as long as the whole day if you can bear to be without for that long. Always make sure to pat dry properly when you take your stones out. Be aware that not all crystals are in love with water. While stones like Amethyst and Quartz will do well thanks to their hardier nature, softer and more porous stones like Selenite, Lepidolite, Malachite, and Angelite shouldn’t get wet. Make sure your crystal will do okay in saltwater before using this method. If not, or if you’re simply unsure, you can place them in a small container within a larger container of saltwater to avoid direct contact. Make sure the saltwater “covers” the crystals by placing the crystals in a tall container and that the saltwater’s water level is above the crystals.

4) Smudging

Anyone who has ever smudged a space to dispel bad energy will know how effective this simple practice is. Smudging is another age-old technique and often turns to sage or cedar or lavender and sweetgrass to name but a few herbs this works well with. Sage is the most popular choice as this herb comes laced with many healing properties. This potent herb is purifying, can connect us to the spirit realm, can clear out negative energy, and soothe all shades of stress. This is exactly the vibe your tired crystal needs.

When smudging your stones do make sure you are near an open window or outdoors so that bad energy has a place to go. Use bundled sage sticks for the best and cleanest results. Light the tip of your sage stick in one hand and the stone in your other hand and wave the sage over the stone so the smoke can surround the stone for at least 30 seconds. One of the best things about the smudging method is that you can do it with any crystal especially those like Pyrite where you don’t want to lose their glittering luster.

5) Sunlight

While the moon is ripe with feminine energy, the golden glaze of the sun brings a more masculine spirit and is all about vitality, energy, and life bringing potency. The sun is powerful business and as anyone who has ever washed away the woes of winter by turning their face to the sun knows, this star is potent stuff. Wait for a beautiful day or a clear sky and set your stone out to warm in the light of the sky. Instantly charging with that solar energy, there’s nothing more satisfying than holding a sunbaked stone in your hand and feeling that joy transfer to the depths of your soul.

While sunlight sparkle is a great way of turning up the dial on cleansing your gem, not all stones are summer and sunlight creatures. Some crystals will fade and lose their vibrancy if left in direct sunlight and no stone should be left sitting in sunlight too long. Darker stones like Hematite and those red and orange stones like Carnelian tend to work best in sunlight. Stones that should avoid the sun include Ametrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Calcite, Beryl, and Citrine (despite its sunny nature) among others as rare gems that could lose their color.

6) Sound

Another safe and sage way of cleansing and charging crystals is by the power of sound. Using sound frequency to wash over your crystal and bring it into a new vibration is an excellent no risk way of cleansing your gems. Fast and effective, this is also a savvy method for those who have a whole heap of crystals that would take forever to cleanse and charge individually.

Whether you use chanting, tuning forks, or the sweet pitch of a singing bowl or bells, all that matters is that the sound can reach a vibration that encompasses the stones. You can use this for any stone and the sound bath doesn’t need to take longer than five minutes.

7) Larger Stones

Geodes and slabs can be another great way of cleansing your smaller crystals. Using large stones for charging is a pure and fuss-free way of letting your gems heal each other and share energy. Quartz and Selenite are particularly well versed when it comes to cleansing other crystals. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and Selenite is super well versed at clearing out toxic vibes.

To use larger geodes, clusters, and slabs to clean your other crystals you can simply rest the little gems on top of the larger stones. If that balancing act seems tricky you can also just put them in a bag together or rest them on a plate together. Leave them to mingle with each other’s moods for six hours or if you have the patience, you can leave them overnight.

8) Burial

The earth is one of our most grounding elements and standing barefoot in soil or grass can immediately cleanse and reinvigorate the spirit. The same can be said for crystals. Burying your gemstones in the soil is an awesome way of re-grounding them and inviting any bad energy to seep away. The burial method is one of the heavier duty choices for those wanting to give their gems a good shake up and get them squeaky clean after some serious energy work.

Find a safe and sacred spot for burying your gem; maybe it’s a place that seems special to you or beneath the boughs of a favorite tree or even in your own garden. Bury them in the soil (only a few inches deep is necessary). Leave for a minimum of 24 hours or even as long as three days. Stones that adore earth cleansing include Tigers Eye, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper, Calcite and Agate.

9) Visualization/Meditation

Finally, you can also cleanse and charge up your stones by sharing your own intuitive powers. Cleansing your stones via visualization and meditation methods can be a great way of strengthening your bond with your crystals. As they give to you, you can give back to them. This is also one of the safest ways of cleansing your stones as you don’t run any risks of fading or upsetting the stones natural balance with water, soil, sun, or any other elements. However, it is important that you are feeling in a good space and that you ground and connect your energy so that your stone doesn’t have to do any of the work.

Hold your stone in your dominant hand and ground your energy until you feel centered. Visualize a great white light in your hands, surrounding the gem and soaking into its every pore. Focus on all the impurities and negative energies flowing out of your stone and being replaced with pure and bright light. This process can take several minutes to complete and you should only do it with one stone at a time so you can focus your energy completely. You can do this practice with any of your gems.


Common Questions About Cleansing Crystals

Should I cleanse my new crystals?

Yes! As soon as a crystal comes into your possession it makes perfect sense to cleanse it, charge it, and program it to meet your personal needs. Great crystal healing is all about connection and building a beautiful relationship with your stone. Hold your stone in meditation and envision all the things you want from it along with gratitude for its presence in your life.


How often should I cleanse my gemstones?

This depends on how often you use your gemstones and what kind of work they do. For the crystals that are used often, on your person all the time, or that are known for emotional heavy lifting, you should cleanse these more than the stones that stay resting in your room or on a shelf. A good rule is to give your crystals a cleanse and a charge once a month or after each heavy session if you have been doing chakra or reiki work. Like with all things crystal, most of the connection is based on intuition so if you feel like your gem could benefit from a cleanse – go right ahead.


How do I know when a stone is cleansed?

After your cleansing session, your stone should feel lighter in the hand and less weighed down. Again, intuition is always your best guide when dealing with the divine.


Crystals do the heavy lifting when it comes to energy work and as a result, they can get clogged up or energy heavy. Giving them a cleanse and recharge helps them to dump all that collected energy and clears space so they can keep up the good work.



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