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Pondless Waterfall

Pond-less Water Features

Beauty in a smaller space. With its cascading beauty and soothing sound, a waterfall is undoubtedly the most magnificent focal point of any outdoor water feature. With a pond-less waterfall, you can capture this beauty for yourself while still saving on space and avoiding the maintenance that comes with a pond. This option is ideal for landscapes with limited space or for those with safety concerns about a pond. With this exquisite landscape feature, the recirculating waterfall tumbles over rocks and boulders and disappears into a bed of stone and gravel.

Less upkeep and less labor. In most cases, a pond-less waterfall will require less labor and fewer materials than a standard pond. Maintenance and operating costs are also less with a pond-less waterfall than with a pond because you don’t need to continuously run the pump and water only needs to be refilled as it evaporates. Yet there is also flexibility. As long as you leave enough room around the base of your construction, it’s easy to add a pond to your waterfall in the future.  

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Basalt column water features. Basalt columns can be used to create beautiful water features. There is a hole drilled through the column which water can bubble up through. Create your own or come and see out already made water feature made with this beautiful basalt.

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Helpful Hints before you begin:


  • Remember to call before you dig! Having to repair broken utilities will cost you more time and money than expected. In Michigan, call 811 or 1-800-482-7171.
  • Lay out your projected pond-less waterfall and take measurements. A garden hose laid on the ground, outlining the waterfall area will give you a good visual reference to work from. You can easily change and modify the shape of the waterfall by simply moving the hose.

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If you would like additional help please see one of our knowledgeable Rock Shoppe staff members.

We are always here to help!


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